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Halibut Steamed with Blood Oranges, Tomatoes and Olives

Ah, winter. Sometimes, it seems like the only good thing about the season is blood oranges! Oh, I loves me some blood oranges. In fact, I think I’m going to go on a little lunch-time errand and get a big bag of them.

This is an awesome recipe. And really, it seems pretty healthy […]

Pretty Good (Healthy!) Salmon with Grapefruit-Shallot Sauce

This is a recipe that we tried about a week ago and it was pretty good. That said, I am not 100% sold on Ellie Krieger yet. Like, I had to pop the broiler on for the last few minutes here to get any color on the salmon at all. It’s called roast salmon […]

Basil Chicken Plus Sauteed Spinach Bonus!

So, the other day I realize that I have a whole bunch of basil that I need to use, like yesterday. A quick survey of the fridge also shows some ground chicken and a small container of roasted chili pepper flakes from pokpok (the little container that comes with the curry-noodle-chicken soup). Hmmm, I […]

Make This Next Weekend: Croque Monsieur Bake

This is the second recipe that I’ve made out of Nigella Express and I have to admit, for a book I probably wouldn’t have just gotten on my own, it’s track record is pretty good.

I changed recipe a bit using 2% milk instead of full-fat milk and also adding some leftover, sauteed spinach […]

Legume Love Affair: Creamy Lima Bean & Tarragon Soup

I came across the Legume Love Affair event and well, I that sounded fun as I love beans too. Around the house, we sing a song called, “Beans, the Man they Call Beans”, to the tune of the Jayne‘s folk hero song on Firefly (Jaynestown episode). There really aren’t any lyrics other than the […]