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Tasty, Tasty Side Dish: Parsnip-Hazlenut Gratin with Pancetta and a PSA

Here’s a holiday side dish that we had on Christmas. It has all the things that make a holiday meal great — fatty, delicious, forbidden pork products, heavy cream and cheese. But, you know, it’ll still work after the holidays. It’s just a bit harder to justify…maybe if you only have a small taste. […]

When the Shazam! Breaks…You Know the Party's Over

My mom came to visit us and we had a very nice holiday. We ate a little fruitcake and a lot of pix and today, I knocked the leftover Shazam! over and broke it. That’s okay — it’s still tasty!

Here’s a picture of the holiday table featuring — Cornish Game Hens, Stuffing, […]

RWT Chili Cook-Off: Working Person's Green Chili Bowl

I recently came across Running with Tweezers call for chili recipes and I remembered that I had the most perfect cookbook for this — Chili Nation by Jane and Michael Stern. This is basically a collection of 50 chili recipes, one from every state. Now normally, when I make chili, it’s veggie chili and […]

WCC 23: Celebratory Lamb Stew with Olives and Caramelized Onions

This month’s Weekend Cookbook Challenge is hosted by Mel’s Diner with the aptly chosen, Celebration Dishes as the theme. For this, I chose my newest cookbook, Nigella Express and made a lamb stew from it.

She calls it a tagine, but since I didn’t cook it in an actual tagine and I’m not […]

The Tree is Up…and a Salad!

We got our tree up this weekend and celebrated in the usual way — lox, bagels, veggies, dip and champagne.

We decorated in between bites of bagels and assorted snacks. A very nice evening!

We also had a really tasty salad recently. It consisted of spinach, halved cherry tomatoes, mint, goat cheese […]