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Grilled Salmon w/ Pomegranate, Avocado & Grapefruit

Okay, vacations are hard. I mean, it’s hard to get into the posting habit after a break. But I’ll try my best.

The other night — fine, last Sunday — jwa and I had some grilled salmon and a salsa with avocado, pomegranate seeds and grapefruit. This is a recipe I came across […]

Braised Chicken with Apples and Sage

We had this meal a couple of weeks ago and I think we’ll have to have it again soon. It was really tasty. The original recipe called for chicken thighs but it worked really well with chicken breasts. You could probably go with skinless and boneless (that would take less cooking time) but go […]

WCC 22: Tacos for Two for Under $11

Ah, a challenge that involves math. How fun. The theme was supplied by Cady at $40 a Week, which as you might see coming, was to spend $40 a week on groceries (per person) and come up with a meal based on those constraints.

Here, I will admit my laziness at not entirely sticking […]

Forget What I Said…These Are the Shoes!

And bag. Which was something that I wasn’t going to get but then I changed my mind when I saw this bag at Zappos. Besides, what if I want to bring the camera? Or Lipstick? The room key? See, I need a bag! Especially when it is an awesome light green bag. I really […]

Sweet Onion Marmalade For You

The other day I was searching around and came across a recipe for onion marmalade. I tried it, tweaking it quite a bit so let’s just call it mine. Okay then. Anyway, here’s what I ended up with. Delicious! Great on bread, chicken, uh, turkey* and anything else you could think to slather it […]