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The Cabinet/Freezer Project: Smoked Trout, Horseradish and Green Apple Wraps


I have started a new personal project. That project is to clean out both the cabinet and freezer of stuff that’s been in there quite a while and that I haven’t used yet. Step one, of course, is checking the dates (of the canned items at least). After that? Anything goes. And the first thing to go is the smoked trout.

After ascertaining that my can of smoked trout was still within it’s usable time period, I hunted for a recipe. Most of the interesting ones included some kind of smoked trout/apples/horseradish combination. Sounded good to . . . → Read More: The Cabinet/Freezer Project: Smoked Trout, Horseradish and Green Apple Wraps

Decadent Dessert: Chocolate Strawberry Shortcakes


Look, strawberry season is upon us, so says the new issue of Bon Appétit (June 2007), which is where this delicious recipe comes from. I made these little chocolatey shortcakes for dessert when jwa’s parents were over for dinner Saturday night. Making the biscuits one day ahead worked well and it was also easy to make the strawberries a couple of hours before serving. All the make ahead possibilities are very helpful when having guests over.

You may notice that recipe calls for whipping cream to make the biscuits. Oh, my. Now, I normally would have . . . → Read More: Decadent Dessert: Chocolate Strawberry Shortcakes

WCC16: Chicken Plum Pie


I think I totally forgot about last month’s Weekend Cookbook Challenge. That makes me sad as I think that’s the first one I’ve missed for the past year or so. I’m also going to blame it on my cold last month and rejoin WCC this month as if nothing had happened…la-la-la-la-la.

So, for WCC#16 the theme is “something new”. Perfect timing, as I just got a new book while in Ashland last month — Shakespeare’s Kitchen: Renaissance Recipes for the Contemporary Cook by Francine Segan.


It’s really a beautiful book and . . . → Read More: WCC16: Chicken Plum Pie

To Do List

hotel elliott Rooftop garden at the Hotel Elliott, Astoria, OR

Things to do this week: 1. Write up post for WCC16 about chicken-plum pie from new Shakespeare cookbook 2. Vacuum 3. Finalize dinner plan for Saturday night when jwa’s parents are over for dinner (thinking rosemary, red wine & garlic marinated and grilled lamb tenderloin over lentils and carrots with sauteed green & yellow squash and Parmesan flatbread — or something like that…) 4. Mop kitchen and back porch 5. Plant the last of the dahlia bulbs 6. Post about grapefruit-rosemary-vodka cocktail 7. Post about lemon-rosemary chicken . . . → Read More: To Do List

Italian Wedding Soup: Not Really About a Wedding


I have read that the soup is named for the harmony of flavors, not that it’s a favorite at Italian wedding receptions. So there’s that bit of information up front. Is it still a fun soup to make when you are planning a wedding? Yep.

I made turkey meatballs instead of the beef / pork listed below. Use a pound of turkey if you want to go that route too, or stick with the half pork, half beef combination. This was a week night dinner and I found it pretty easy to whip up after . . . → Read More: Italian Wedding Soup: Not Really About a Wedding