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I Lied About the Spaghetti…

Okay but there really will be a lavender shortbread post either tomorrow or Saturday. Spaghetti and meatballs will be next week, as will a recipe for cauliflower & manchego puree.

Wedding Planning Update

title Image from the book, Simple Stunning Weddings.

So, we are currently trying to decide on a location. We are casting a wide net — Ashland. Astoria. Yachats. Dayton. The Long Beach area of Washington. So far we have scoped out Red Ridge Farms, Heceta Head Lighthouse and The Peerless Hotel.

Next we’ll be heading up to Astoria to check out Hotel Elliott and the Rosebriar Inn. Then it’s a bit farther north to see The Shelburne Inn and their restaurant. Hopefully, we’ll have a place decided on by the end of next month.

The plan . . . → Read More: Wedding Planning Update

Arugula, White Bean & Parmesan Salad with a Meyer Lemon-Shallot Vinaigrette


The salad dressing here comes from a recipe by Emeril that used blood orange instead of Meyer lemon. I really liked the dressing with the lemon, although I’m sure it’s just fabulous with blood or any other orange. This makes a nice, light meal for when the weather’s warm.

Besides, you can feel good about eating a big salad. jwa and I can usually go through a whole bag of greens in one sitting without feeling guilty. For this salad, I decided to grill up about four shrimp each to top our salads. The tasty little . . . → Read More: Arugula, White Bean & Parmesan Salad with a Meyer Lemon-Shallot Vinaigrette

Experimental Chicken Fauxmale Pie: It's Good!


Ah, the roll of polenta. So full of fun and possibilities. Slice it up and make a lasagna. Have it on the side of some pasta. Leave it in the cabinet and make polenta yourself. All of these options will work just fine. But what about using it in Mexican food? Oh hell, why not?

Like a lot of the recipes I’ve made lately, this one is based on something I saw recently from Bon Apetit (the Too Busy to Cook section). I’m not really too busy to cook of course, just easily intrigued by recipes . . . → Read More: Experimental Chicken Fauxmale Pie: It's Good!

My New Favorite Broccoli Soup


I found this recipe while poking around epicurious.com. It’s based on a recipe originally from Bon Appétit, but I added a lot to it (basil, pine nuts, white wine), so I’m taking some of the credit! Ha!

The flavor turned out really, really well. Creamy from the cheese, a little wine taste, lots of broccoli flavor and the basil rounding it all out. It would make a great first course to a pasta meal or just on its own with some bread. I found marscapone easily but if you couldn’t, regular cream cheese would probably be . . . → Read More: My New Favorite Broccoli Soup