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Really Good Asparagus-Dill-Lemon Soup


Mmmm, I love the asparagus. And this is an excellent asparagus soup recipe, based on one from Sara Moulton. Originally, the creaminess/thickening came from eggs — I used tofu instead. Again, tofu is the best thing ever for making soups creamy.

Huh, I think that’s all I have to say about the soup. Just make some and you too will know how good it is. On an unrelated note, I will add that aside from asparagus, I also love sleep.

Asparagus-Dill-Lemon Soup 1.5 lb asparagus 2 cups chicken stock 1 tbsp olive oil 1 medium . . . → Read More: Really Good Asparagus-Dill-Lemon Soup

This is the Kind of Night it Was…

So, my original plan was to go to bed early last night and post something this morning. Perhaps the chicken and plum tart from my new Shakespeare-inspired Cookbook that I got in Ashland a couple of weeks ago. Or maybe the lavender and rosemary crusted chicken.

But here’s what happened instead.

10PM — I turn the light out and try to sleep while jwa decides to do his vocal impressions of Jack Black, Dio, Meatloaf and Dave Grohl while singing along to the entire Pick of Destiny soundtrack.

11PM — jwa discovers computer stuff at work is broken . . . → Read More: This is the Kind of Night it Was…

Cauliflower & Manchego Puree


This is a recipe based on a dish from Sara Moulton. I omitted the cream in the original and replaced it with some manchego cheese. Mmmmm, cheese. It was flavored much like the soup I had a Dundee Bistro last month (that was on purpose as I loved that soup).

The Sara version was featured on a show called, “Cooking for One”, which I don’t really understand. jwa and I both had some of this along with some chicken the other night and I was able to use leftovers the next day to make soup. . . . → Read More: Cauliflower & Manchego Puree

A Rainy Spring Italian Feast


Ah, Spring. Rainy pasta weather (well, sometimes). A week or so ago we were had a lovely pasta meal while the wind and storms raged outside. The dilemma — jwa likes spaghetti best whereas I prefer rigatoni or a pasta more like that. Needless to say, we really rarely have spaghetti.

I think it was the meatballs that convinced me to make this spaghetti and meatballs dish. Forming meatballs is fun. So, he got a spaghetti dinner and I got to make a bunch of little meatballs with currants and pine nuts (oh and pork, too). . . . → Read More: A Rainy Spring Italian Feast

SHF30: Lavender Shortbread


This month’s Sugar High Friday is hosted by Coconut Chutney and the theme is edible flowers. Hey — it’s a great time to break into my stash of dried lavender! In case anyone has trouble finding dried lavender, I usually buy it at Cost Plus, where it comes in nicely sized bags in the spices section. You can also use fresh lavender flowers, of course.

This recipe by Gale Gand, another person I wish still had a show on the Food Network.

Be warned — these are very addictive. The only problem I had is . . . → Read More: SHF30: Lavender Shortbread