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Finally, It's Greek Chicken Pie

If I don’t say so myself, this was a good use of some chicken, feta, mint and phyllo dough. Now that I am over my apprehension of working with phyllo, it was even relatively easy. My one nitpick though, is that the chicken seemed to get a little dry. The flavor was still excellent, […]

SHF21: Blueberry Bouteille Call Sorbet

Here is my entry for Sugar High Friday 21: Ice, Ice baby, hosted by The Delicious Life. And if you haven’t seen the original posting you really should. It’s very funny.

My original plan was to make nutella gelatto but I altered that plan when I had some extra blueberries lying about and jwa […]

Basil Egg Salad on Kalamata Olive Bread

When it’s hot out, a cool dinner is the way to go. I discovered this combination a couple of years ago and it has become a meal we have a few times throughout the summer. Plus, jwa really likes egg salad and it’s occasionally nice to make him happy.

The basil in the egg […]

Garden Tour (or I Don't Feel Like Posting a Recipe Today)

Today is a kind of lazy posting day. Today is about the backyard and garden. Last year we got a table and two chairs on clearance at Fred Meyer. We only got two chairs, as that is all they had left. This year we picked up two matching chairs (well, very slightly different but […]

Start the Week Off Right: Chipotle-Orange Shrimp Tacos

My love of tacos is fierce. They can be cool (lettuce, tomatoes, cheese) they can be hot (filling of your choice) but they are always perfect. They are also super easy to prepare and really, your filling choices are unlimited. Take these, for example. After rummaging around the freezer I found some frozen, raw […]