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Pizza Night: We Love You

This was one amazing pizza. It’s especially good, as it’s one of the meals that jwa and I typically make together. I prep all of the ingredients and then he works his magic. He makes the most excellent pizza. This post is really less of a recipe than pictures of jwa making an amazing […]

It's Good! It's Full of Veggies! It's Pasta Primivara

This was a meal that didn’t quite make it to Vegetarian Week. Not because it wasn’t delicious, but because I am lazy! Anyway, this was pretty good. The original recipe is from Everyday Italian and I didn’t change that much. I just added garlic (how could there have been no garlic originally??), some lemon […]

Kitchen Twine, Three Chicken Breasts, a Handful of Pistachios & a Dream

This was originally an Emeril recipe for duck breast. Duck breast is around $25 a package at Zupans. I have turned this into a chicken breast recipe — $7 for 3 organic breasts at Trader Joes. If I were rich like Emeril, I would use duck.

I also went a little crazy with […]

Quick & Easy Black Bean & Corn Salad

This was a very quick, last minute addition to an enchilada dinner not too long ago. I wanted to have black beans but I wanted a little more than just black beans. I surveyed the cabinet, fridge and freeze and came up with this side.

The other handy thing about this salad is that […]

We Might Have a Winner…

Indian Summer

Thank you, Photoshop Last night, I took our three contenders, Indian Summer, Red Copper and Henna (jwa got the sample finally), laid them out, took pictures and made somewhat-crappy-yet-still-helpful photoshop images showing each floor choice color.


The whole look that we are going for is relatively bright and cheery with […]