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Mentos: The Exploding Diet Coke-Maker


So, you’re at work and it’s only your first week and your co-workers want to initiate you into the new work environment. You’re given a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke and some mentos. What do you do? Why, you all head out to the parking lot for some office science fun. Ahhh, if only I could be a UNIX Sysadmin too….

Can you have a blog and not post one of these videos?
Watch jwa and the much-loved-the-world over, mentos-induced, Diet Coke fountain of … well, frothy diet coke. And since this is a food blog, I feel a little justified in posting it. Mentos are food, right? Hmmmm….

Low quality but still amusing Diet Coke and Mentos Video
You will need Quicktime to view the video.

Tomorrow, there will be actual food. A roasted cilantro-jalapeno pork loin, sweet potato and goat cheese quesadilla.

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