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Chicken Stuffed with Feta and Toasted Walnut Pesto

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are still my most favorite meat cooking ingredient ever, but sometimes it’s fun to use breasts with the bones and skin still attached. Crispy, seasoned chicken skin is….well, awesome, quite frankly. In addition, the white meat stays so juicy and moist, I’ve found, leaving the protective skin intact. Oh, and […]

Cashew Curry Sauce / Dip / Tasty What-Have-You

This is from a recent Everyday Food and it was really, really good. We used it for a sauce with soba noodles, grilled shrimp and some chopped tomatoes but I couldn’t help but think that it would be a great dip for veggies or a spread on a vegetable or grilled chicken wrap. It’s […]

Phun with Phyllo: Spinach, Feta & Pine Nut Tart

I have decided that one of the very best things about having a blog is having a reason to try cooking new things, like pork, lamb, duck and…baking with phyllo dough! Phyllo is one of those things that I was always scared of using. Dude — it’s so easy! I had no idea. Apparently, […]

WCC #4: French Toast Baked in Honey-Pecan Sauce

This recipe is very decadent and pretty easy. You need to know you want it the night before but that’s not really asking too much. This is for Weekend Cookbook Challenge #4: Easter Brunch and although we had this before Easter (and the post isn’t due until April 17), it’s now out there […]

Coconut Spinach Salmon

Hey, so there seems to be a good for you theme this week. I think that’s because Monday I’ll be posting my Weekend Cookbook Challenge 4 dish and uh, that’s not healthy. At all. It involves half and half, honey, maple syrup, butter, thick pieces of stale bread and an oven. It was awesome.