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Tell Me What They're Doing in California

We got back last night and I really wish I had a day to do laundry, unpack and sleep in our own bed for much, much longer. But no — off to work.

I’ll get a new post up tonight — either about hotels in the Bay Area, one of the meals we […]

SHF18: Vanilla Vodka Cheesecake Tartlets with Berries

I decided to just go ahead and post this tonight, as I will be out of town on Friday. It’s a posting-palooza, I tell you!

Thanks to Lick the Spoon for coming up with a fun, creative theme for this month’s Sugar High Friday. Yay for alcohol! This was a very simple yet delicious […]

Pork Chops with Maple-Balsamic Sauce & Creamy Herb Polenta

The sauce on this was amazing and so very simple. I’m still kind of learning my way around the pork chops and the pork loin roasts and all of that but the other white meat is getting more familiar to me. I found this recipe on Food Network and in their meal grouping, it […]

New Look!

Finally pushed the new theme last night. Yay! The picture is of a scraped vanilla bean being ready to add to….my Sugar High Friday post. I’ll be able to get a new post up tonight — either Maple & Balsamic Pork Chops with Creamy, Herbed Polenta or Mexican Mac & Cheese and then it’s off […]

Phun with Phyllo II: Chicken, Apple & Gorgonzola Strudel

I threw this together the other night for dinner, as I am trying to work my way through the leftover phyllo dough. jwa and I both liked it. The filling is creamy and gorgonzola-y, with a crisp and flaky pastry covering. I also experimented with using olive oil instead of melted butter to brush […]