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What to do with Leftover Red Pepper Sauce

When I experimented with the Crab-Crusted Ling Cod last week, I had extra roasted red pepper sauce left over (bottom of that post). And really, extra roasted red pepper sauce literally screams, “pasta! Use me with pasta!” Really, it does — I heard it.

So, I answered the call. I used the leftover sauce […]

IMBB23: Viva la France: Chicken with Walnuts (Poulet aux Noix)

The recipe I chose for this fabulous incarnation of IMBB is from the Rhone-Alps region of France (near Grenoble) and comes from the French Farmhouse Cookbook by Susan Hermann Loomis, which is a cookbook that I enthusiastically recommend. It was also very useful for this event as she says exactly where she got each […]

Art Bar + Drunk Puppets = Fun Night Out

Art Bar SW Broadway and Main Portland, OR 97205 503-432-2905

Last weekend we went downtown to Portland Center Stage to see Drunk Puppet Night at the Winningstad Theatre. It was very entertaining and a nice evening out. There were big puppets, little puppets, a whole alien/ufo/puppet/mini-series and an odd yet very humorous performance art […]

The Last Birthday Post: Crab-Crusted Ling Cod

So, this is the last birthday post I will be making (well, this year). Relief all around, I know. It’s a birthday post because it’s a recipe from a book that I received for my birthday, from jwa’s parents (thanks, Jim & Edie!). It’s Ocean Friendly Cuisine by James O. Fraioli and it’s a […]

Mangoey Maiden Voyage of the Birthday Ice Cream Maker

In addition to the tasty dinner jwa made me last Friday, he also bought me a very nice present — an ice cream maker. It’s only been on my wish list for about three years, so I was quite ecstatic to finally get one. It’s a Cuisinart and it’s red and it’s oh so […]