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Argyle Wine Dinner at Oba! w/ Winemaker Rollin Soles

Oba Restaurant 555 NW 12th Ave Portland, OR 97209 (503) 228-6161

The evening came about as jwa’s employer gave him an Oba! giftcard a few months ago for doing some extra work. The giftcard has actually just sat around the last couple of months in the dining room until I heard about this Argyle […]

Weekend Cookbook Challenge 2: Pierogi

I’m very glad I stumbled upon this food blogging event! I have so many cookbooks and honestly, I don’t use them enough. This Weekend Coookbook Challenge was to produce some winter comfort food from a cookbook in your collection (ideally one you haven’t used before).

After some consideration, I decided my Midwest roots […]

IMBB#22: Mushroom Stroganoff with Homemade Spinach Noodles

I really meant to get this up Saturday. But, Friday night, we went to the Argyle Winemaker’s Dinner at Oba! (recap of that dinner coming next week — probably Tuesday). Uh, there’s a lot of wine at a Winemaker’s Dinner. Thus, my Saturday consisted of: getting up, water, tv, water, leftover mac & cheese, […]

SHF#15: Mango Faux Flan

I was actually pretty happy to learn for SHF15, we would be challenged to come up with a tasty sweet thing that had little actual sugar. Because we did so much eating out and over-indulging last month, I’m not sure that I’d have been able to come up with some decadent type of dessert […]

Light & Tasty Asian Chicken Salad

This came about through a search for lighter and healthier dinners to balance out meals like artichoke pesto! I like to have salads for dinner occasionally but it has to have some substance, otherwise, I’m just hungry an hour later. This salad has substance. And although, I love little crispy, fried wonton skin pieces, […]