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Quick Chocolate Fix: Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownies

Oh, these were good. It started innocently enough — I was at the store for something completely healthy. Perhaps it was broccoli or some wheat pasta. Or olive oil. Anyway, I passed the baking aisle and … oh. Mmmmm… Those look good. Huh, maybe I should just see if they’re any good.

Yeah…they […]

Acorn Squash, Apple & Sage Appetizer Puffs

I just made 58 of these for a work dinner on December 1. I love cooking but I’m glad that this is done! Oh, uh, I only have 58 because I baked two puffs already and jwa and I ate them to make sure they were okay to serve — they were. I froze […]

Lovely Leftovers: Turkey Curry Soup with Brown Rice

Now, it’s dinner time. […]

Thanksgiving: The Huge & Rambly Recap

So, I pretty much stuck to my Thanksgiving schedule (posted here and here), although I omitted the squash and added some roasted vegetables. The big surprise, though, was the turkey. It turned out so well. I tried the America’s Test Kitchen recipe last year and wasn’t crazy about it but this time we used […]

No Frills – No Visuals Post

So, my mom is staying with us and the “guest room” is my office with the computer and all. No real update this AM.

This afternoon, however, I will be making the pumpkin pie and will try to take photos of that process and post them later today!

Edited to add — yeah, that […]