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Pumpkin Tacos for Pumpkin Day + A New Look

Pumpkin Tacos

Today, at Slashfood it’s Pumpkin Day. Excellent. I love pumpkins and, well, the whole squash family, honestly. I think it’s part of my overall obsession with Fall.

Anyway, for this event I decided to combine my strong feelings for all of things pumpkin with my fondness for Mexican food and make tacos. This worked out well, as we generally have veggie tacos with refried beans holding all the vegetables in place. In this version, pureed, spiced-up pumpkin fills that role. I went ahead and used some canned, organic pumpkin from Wild Oats for this dish. If you have the time, by all means, roast a pumpkin and use that, but also know that you don’t have to if that’s not convenient.

I was also looking to make something with pumpkin that was savory rather than sweet. I think pumpkin (as well as butternut, acorn and other squash) too often gets pigeon-holed with just nutmeg and sugar. Bring on the garlic and peppers, I say!

Pumpkin Tacos:
1 can pureed pumpkin (or about 1 .5 cups roasted and pureed pumpkin)
1 tbsp + 1tsp cumin
1 tbsp + 1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp salt + a pinch
1 tsp orange zest
1/2 to 1 whole roasted, peeled, seeded & diced jalapeno
3 tbsp chopped cilantro
1 tsp olive oil
1 small onion, sliced
1 red or orange bell pepper, julienned
1 cup arugula leaves
1 can red kidney beans, rinsed
1/4 cup corn (frozen works well)
1/2 cup cheddar cheese, grated
1 medium tomato, diced
8 corn tortillas, heated in a dry pan over med-high heat to blister a bit and kept warm in aluminum foil
Garnish: 1/2 cup roasted pumpkin seeds

Sauté the onion and bell pepper in the olive oil, with a pinch of salt. Add 1 tsp of the cumin and chili powder. Let cook until golden. Heat pumpkin puree up in a pan with remaining cumin, chili powder, orange zest, jalapeno and salt. Taste. Adjust seasonings to your liking. When veggies look a bit caramelized remove from pan and set aside. Use that pan to heat up red beans and corn. Right before assembling, stir cilantro into the pumpkin.

Double up tortillas (to make 4 tacos) and spoon some pumpkin down the middle. Top with arugula, veggies, beans and corn, tomato and then cheese. Just a little of each — you want to be able to actually pick up the taco! Sprinkle with roasted pumpkin seeds. Mmm!

You’ll probably have leftover taco-making ingredients but, if you’re like me, you’ll find a way to put them to good use in other snacks and assorted tasties!

Je Mange la Ville has a new look! I am very excited. I (and when I say “I”, I mean “jwa”) played around with everything this weekend and then showed me how to change all the style sheets and assorted what-nots. I took some shots of cut rosemary from the front yard and changed some of the colors and now I am happy with the look. My intent is to change the title image and colors every few months or so. We’ll see if that happens.


5 comments to Pumpkin Tacos for Pumpkin Day + A New Look

  • christy allbee

    Fun new site! I would never have thought of pumpkin tacos. Bravo. Are you still making pumpkin chocolate chip muffins? Last fall I made a super yummy pumpkin pancake recipe, DG bought 2 cases of pumpkin beer, we had spiced pumpkin lattes weekly, and of course pumpkin candles burning in the house. Can you say out of control?

  • mlb

    Oh my god! I forgot all about the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins! *slaps self on forehead*
    I totally have to make some of those now. I think this week will be pumpkin week, as I’ve already made a dip out of the leftover taco pumpkin puree that I’m going to post about…
    Oh, and you were totally in control last Fall. You can never have too much pumpkin!

  • Christy Allbee

    oh oh, AND another fall must Martha Stewart’s Pumpkin Cake with Browned Butter icing is scrumptdillicious.
    How does Je Mange La Vilee feel about Martha?

  • mlb

    Ohh, that looks good! Did you make that last year> Or this year?
    I like martha! In fact, I think next weekend, I’m making a chicken sausage & white bean stew baked in sugar pumpkins a la martha stewart. The only problem is, the original recipe (that I made a number of years ago), was in the Oct ’99 issue of her magazine and I can’t seem to track it down online — and I don’t have the mag anymore. It’s in a halloween book by her too, but, if I can’t find a free version, I think I’m just gonna use a different stew recipe and wing the baking in a pumpkin thing. I’m thinking 350 for an hour or something…

  • mmm pumpkin chocolate that looks real good thanks