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Tasty Salmon Dinner — but the Real Star is the Squash

One cup of mashed squash has: 2 grams of protein, riboFLAVIN, iron, Vitamins A and C! […]

Ahhh…Risotto Weather

One cup of aroborio rice to 3.5 cups of hot broth and 1/2 cup wine, veggies, cheese and baby, you’ve got a risotto goin’. […]

Sub Rosa: A Friendly Neighborhood Joint

You probably wouldn’t take someone there to impress but if you just wanted to sit down and have a nice, unrushed, pasta meal and talk — Sub Rosa would be a great option. […]

That'll Do Fig…That'll Do

Here, you can either place all the figs on one plate and be resigned for sticky hands during the meal or divide the figs into four servings of three figs each. Quelle surprise — I went with the sticky hands. […]

Mmmm! Unapologetically Messy, Friday Night Chicken Enchiladas

My enchiladas never come out of the baking dish in a way that’ll make for a pretty picture and I’ve decided that I’m okay with that. Because they’re really, really good. […]