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Grilled Cheese Day! Yay!

Grilled Cheese

When I was younger, I remember making grilled cheese sandwiches with my grandma — we used those American cheese slices and white bread and they were really, really tasty.

In college, a roommate showed me her trick of spreading the butter on the bread before putting it down on in the hot pan (could that have been the most useful thing I learned in college?)

Lately, I’ve taken to making a grilled cheese the following way: sourdough bread with goat cheese, cheddar, granny smith apple, and spinach. I flattened mine, sort of like panini, by placing a cast iron skillet on top of the sandwich while it grilled in the grill pan. When I turned it over on the second side, I left the cast iron pan off and used a lid instead, to encourage maximum cheese meltage.

The accompanying soup in the photo is chilled carrot (cooked carrots, ginger, chicken stock, miso, onion, garlic, tofu, salt, pepper and a blender). It was good. That is all.

Grilled Cheese Day.

Crockery Corner
How could I have forgotten? I guess I was too excited about the grilled cheese! The plate and cup in the photo are…Fiestaware, in the color Shamrock. This is a great resource for Fiesta dishes.

3 comments to Grilled Cheese Day! Yay!

  • Dear Mlb,
    This meal looks good. I have another variation of this: I am used to grilling “camembert” cheese in its wooden package on a barbecue. Put some bread sticks in it and enjoy the creamy taste of this smelly hot cheese.
    Are the apples from Oregon ? I believe to know that this state is famous for its apples (am I wrong ?). But probably not as juicy as apples from Normandy !

  • mlb

    Mmmmm, smelly, hot cheese! That sounds really good:)
    Washington (one state north) is famous for apples, so you’re very close! Same general region…I think Oregon is famous for pears.
    I was in Normandy a number of years ago — I really liked it. I brought a bunch of Calvados back for presents and (surprisingly) the US customs people let me in with it as I promised that they were for family presents (I was only 17) and that the booze was most definitely not for me. Hee!
    I bet that they wouldn’t have let me do that today. Ahhh, the late 80’s…

  • The 80’s for me in 3 lines:
    Learning BASIC, Pascal and Hypercard on my Macintosh (uhm, this Apple tastes great !)
    Listenning to weird 80’s music
    Living in Normandy with my parents (thus, nice cooking everyday !)
    Thanks a lot for your fruity explanation.