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Favorite Fancy Dinner

A week or so ago, I made my favorite “fancy dinner” (I think it’s jwa’s too). Seared ahi tuna, shitake-miso rice and cucumber slaw (I know! I have no idea why I like cucumbers here!). And, yeah, it’s more diced than, uh, slaw-shaped, but, it’s my menu and I’m callin’ it slaw, damn it!


Soup is Good Food: Gazpacho Challenge 2005 (Part II)

Oh, I wanted this one to be my very favorite of them all. I pretty much (with a few exceptions) followed the recipe as written, so I will just give a link to it:

Avocado Gazpacho with Spiced Croutons

I think it had too much cucumber for me. That’s actually one of the places […]

The Kitchen That Unemployment & Boredom Built

He, has proclaimed that he really dislikes the lizards and that they are impractical and unsafe, but I know that you have to suffer for art. […]

Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (the good one!)

My mother makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever. She would use the recipe out of the classic red and white checked Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook–the one with the stove burner imprint on the backside of it because she accidentally placed it on a burner once. But I digress, and I only mention […]

Soup is Good Food: Gazpacho Challenge 2005 (Part I)

I’m always looking for non-cooked, lighter dinners to have when it’s hot out. Gazpacho is a promising subject, but I’m usually somewhat disappointed by what I try to make at home. There’s a place in California — Gayle’s in Capitola — that we went to once and I had the gazpacho. So, so good. […]